Accepting Units

Article 51) Equalizing and accepting the courses which have been passed by the admitted in other universities or educational levels will be allowed with the following conditions:  

51-1- The former university and its degrees should be confirmed by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education or Ministry of Science and Research

51-2- The content of the passed units should share at least 80% of the units of the new major. The score for each course should not grow less than 12.

51-3- The educational process which the student had gone through should be in accordance with the appointed schedule of great council of Ministry of Health and Medical Education or the Ministry of Sciences and Research.

Note 1: Equalizing the specialized courses will be possible in equal levels or from higher levels to lower levels.

Note 2: Equalizing and accepting courses will be progressed by the educational department of the acceptor university.

Article 52) The approved units’ score will not be calculated in the average of the semester but they will be calculated in the total average of that student.

Note: One semester will be decreased from the student’s maximum allotted time of education for every 20 approved units.