Admission of International Students:

All admission steps are done via email and there is no need to visit in person.

All correspondence, including the letter of admission, the student visa code, etc., will only be sent to the e-mail through which the initial documents were received.


If the classes are in person, registration will be done only with a student visa and at a specific time.

A student visa is requested only one time for each student, and if it is revoked, the student is responsible for its consequences.


The International Campus of the University is committed to observe its own compiled standards and does not need to follow the steps (including phone call, email, in person visit, etc.).

If you want to get acquainted with the student admission process, you can refer to the student admission flowchart.


To apply to study, do the following:

Make sure that you have the following conditions for admission:

  • Non-Iranian citizenship

An international applicant is a person who is not an Iranian citizen, has a non-Iranian passport and intends to continue his / her studies at one of Iranian universities.

  • Previous grade point average

The minimum grade point average required to apply to study for non-Iranian students who have received their diploma in Iran is at least 17 in Dentistry, at least 16.5 in Medicine, 16 in Physiotherapy and 15 in Nursing. The minimum grade point average for non-Iranian students who have completed their diploma in their home country is at least 65% of the maximum grade in the previous grade.

  • English language

All MBBS medical students and BDS dentistry students who benefit from English language education until the end of basic sciences must have a valid English language degree or pass the accepted quorum in the university language proficiency test.



Submit an application - Complete the application form - by the student / agent to the International Campus Education Office

  • Checking of educational documents by the expert in charge of attracting and admitting non-Iranian students
  • If there are eligibility criteria, issuing a conditional admission letter to students

At this stage, the applicant must upload his / her identity and educational information in the comprehensive system of the Student Affairs Organization. All applicants are required to register in this system and send their file number. Forms that do not have a SAORG file number will not be considered.


Documents required to upload to the SAORG Student Affairs System

  • Personal photo with a volume of less than 100 KB and dimensions w = 400 and h = 600
  • Passport with dimensions less than 100 KB and dimensions w = 800 and h = 600
  • Personal and identity information
  • Educational file sealed by the Iranian consular office in the country

After issuing the order "Studying at that university is unrestricted" in the Student Affairs System (SAORG), the identity documents and visa form are completed in full details in both English and Persian. They will be sent to the Provincial Consular Affairs Office along with the approval of the SAORG to follow up on the student visa application. After the student visa is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the student visa will be sent to the applicants along with the exact date of attendance for registration.


Note: Admission submission time will be a maximum of one month. Dissatisfaction with the applicant's education will be notified to the applicant via email within one month.



On the day of registration, after receiving the documents and filing the students' files, they will be introduced to the committee to participate in the interview of the Student Screening Committee upon arrival.

After completing the registration process, the selection of the default course of the first semester along with the exact amount of the first semester tuition are announced to the student and the student is introduced to the University Financial Affairs Department to deposit tuition and welfare services.

After completing the registration process and paying the student tuition, she/ he will be introduced to the Provincial Consular Affairs Office to convert the visa into a student residence.



Tuition is paid in two ways:

  • According to the tuition flowchart by depositing the Rial rate equivalent to the dollar based on the announcement of the National Exchange to the university account number
  • The student debt report will be sent to Financial Department by the International Campus Education Office. The student will refer to the University Financial Office, pay the defined tuition in dollars, and the receipt for the payment of tuition will be issued by the Financial Department in three copies to be submitted to:



Financial Department Archive

International Campus


Report on the issuance of tuition fees based on the receipts received from the Financial Department will be sent to the Educational Deputy of the University for registration in the students' tuition profile in the Hamava educational system


Tuition Fee:

For dollar-paying students: The tuition approved by the Board of Directors for MBBS Medicine and BDS Dentistry is $ 3,200. In addition to the educational tuition fee, $ 720 for dormitory and $ 70 (change in rate has not announced yet) for student health insurance have been determined.

Regarding Rial paying students, the amount of tuition for each major / course has not been announced to this faculty yet.


Student arrival at the college and accommodation in a student dormitory

After completing the registration process, payment of educational fees and student welfare facilities, students will be referred to the relevant authorities (Student and Cultural Affairs Deputy) for accommodation in dormitories and welfare facilities. Accommodation of single students outside the university is prohibited by Iranian law, and they must stay in dormitories of Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services.