The Department of Biochemistry has trained and educated numerous medical students who are rendering their services in various locations. The lab of the department includes a general lab, a research lab, a cell-culture lab, a monoclonal antibody lab, and a phacia presentation lab. The department has published numerous articles and has had many patents in cancer molecule mechanisms, the impacts of new compounds on cancers, recombinant antibodies, and human antibodies, as well as diagnostic kits.

We offer a highly regarded 39 credit graduate program leading to the M.Sc. degree. This program prepares our students for scientific careers in many areas of biochemistry as well as continuation of their study towards a Ph.D. program.

Requirements for M.Sc. 

All M.Sc. students are required to complete 29 course credits and 10 credits of thesis courses. MSc. students must register to a minimum of 9 course credits in each semester. Department might recommend additional course work depending on the background of the candidate. It takes usually between 2.5 to 3 years for students to complete and get their degree.

MSc Degree in clinical Biochemistry

Masters students are required to submit and defend orally a thesis acceptable by the department as well as referees selected by the faculty of Graduate studies.

Academic Staff

Name Degree/Major  
Ahmad Reza Bandegi Full Prof, Clinical Biochemistry CV
Abbas Pakdel Ph.D, Associate Prof, Clinical Biochemistry CV
Ali Khaleghian Ph.D, Associate Prof, Biochemistry CV
Alireza Khoshdel Ph.D, Assistant Prof, Clinical Biochemistry CV


 Head of Department:

Dr. Abbas Pakdel
Ph.D Clinical Biochemistry