The Biotechnology Research Center affiliated to Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services started its activities in 2000 and was officially opened in November 2002. This center is the first biotechnology research center in Semnan province. The purpose of establishing this center is to conduct basic, applied and developmental research and to train qualified specialists based on the needs of the society in the field of medical biotechnology (health, treatment and medicine). These activities are aimed at expanding knowledge, producing biological products, inventing and setting up of molecular diagnostic methods, expanding scientific collaborations with other centers inside and outside the country and training specialized forces by observing the country's priorities in the mentioned fields.


 Different parts of the center

The center has several specialized laboratories

  • Genetic Laboratory of Microorganisms
  • Molecular Biology Laboratory
  • Genetic Engineering Laboratory
  • Protein Chemistry Laboratory and Cell Cultivation
  • Fermentation Laboratory

Abilities to implement research projects:

A. National plans

  • In December 2002, this center is one of the few research centers and the first center among Type B universities that has joined the country's biotechnology network. Also, the implementation of the national plan for separation, cloning, and laboratory production of the FSH gene by the country's biotechnology network and with the financial support of this network has been assigned to this center.
  • Other projects that have been implemented jointly between Semnan University of Medical Sciences (this center) and the National Research Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research and have also been financially supported by the National Management and Planning Organization are following sub-projects:
  1. Separation and cloning of glucosaxide gene (Phase I) which has been completed
  2. Separation and cloning of cholesterol oxidase gene (Phase I)
  3. The isolating and cloning of glucosaxide gene (Phase II) which has been completed.
  4. Joint project with Mashhad University of Medical Sciences entitled "Study of the prevalence of infection and phylogenetic study of HTLV1 virus in Afghan immigrants living in Mashhad and Semnan".


B.Plans of university

  • Comparison of cultivation and PCR methods in diagnosing the etiological factors of shigellosis
  • The plan to determine the possible role of plasmids in drug resistance and to determine their plasmid profile in E.coli isolated from urinary tract infections in Semnan province.
  • Cloning and expression of a gene under the β-toxin of Ashirchia cola in Salmonella typhoid morium for the preparation of new vaccines.



Achievements of center

Following the successful implementation of the FSH Hormone Project at this center, this hormone, along with the alpha chain protein as well as making of beta chain of the FSH hormone recombinant in Pichia pastori yeast, was registered in the General Office of Companies Registration and Industrial Property as three inventions. In 2008, the beta chain protein project was selected as the best project in the province.

The future goals of the center

The center seeks to expand molecular diagnostic laboratories to serve patients and research projects. Another goal of this center is to establish scientific research cooperation with universities and research centers inside and outside the country.


Academic Staff

Name Degree/Major  
Ali Akbar Shabani Ph.D, Associate prof, Biological products CV
Mohammad Reza Akbari eidgahi Ph.D, Associate prof,Biological products CV
Fahimeh Shamsi Ph.D, Assistant prof,Medical biotechnology CV
Davood Bagher Nasr Abadi Ph.D, Assistant prof, Medical Biotechnology CV
Hamid Maedanchi Ph.D, Assistant prof, Medical Biotechnology CV











Head of Department:

Dr. Hamid Maedanchi
Ph.D Medical Biotechnology