Head of CCU

Ms. Kashani Jabari



Humans have been trying to identify and fight diseases for a long time. Today, humans have been achieved to this goal with the application of new knowledge and technology, new dimensions of treatment and care. Intensive care includes continuous, accurate and specialized care in patients who are in critical situations, need continuous, and intense control by skilled personnel using advanced equipment and facilities. In fact, this ward is a place where critically ill patients are treated and cared for by the most skilled and qualified nursing and medical personnel and the latest technological methods.

By equipping this ward, we aim to reduce mortality due to heart attacks, control dangerous arteries, monitoring, hemodynamics and monitoring heart rhythm in all patients who need careful control of the cardiovascular system. This section has 8 beds.


Specialist Doctors:

  • Dr. Makinejad, Dr. Sadrzadeh, Dr. Ghaffarpour, Dr. Shah Hosseini - (Cardiologists)