The Cardiac Intensive Care ward is located on the second floor of the Hospital in hall B, adjacent to the NICU. It has an entrance door that leads to the two parts of the CCU and a small corridor to the right of the entrance door to the POST CCU ward. Another door at the end of the CCU separates the two parts. The CCU consists of 7 special beds and one isolated single bed and the POST CCU has 4 beds. Each of the CCU and POST beds is equipped with monitoring, O2 gas pipes, suction and air pressure.

The monitors are equipped with SPO2 temperature measurements and BP, which are connected to the central monitor in the nursing station. In both CCU and POST CCU wards, resuscitation equipment includes emergency trolley with standard classes of specific drugs for portable suction and electroshock. There are 7 ventilators in CCU and 1 in POST CCU. In each ward there is a separate ECG device. In the CCU there is a sink at the beginning of the entrance hall, a service room and 2 small rooms for power transformers, UPS and computer. In the CCU ward, there is a doctor's room, a storage room for equipment and detergents, and two toilets for patients and staff, and in the isolated room, there is a packing room and a toilet.


Doctors and staff of the ward:

The CCU ward has 3 specialist doctors. The consultations are also performed by specialists of internal medicine, surgery, infectious, urology, anesthesia, orthopedics, obstetrics, psychology, dermatology, etc. A head nurse with a bachelor's degree in nursing and a six-month special ward course with 30 specialized credits and 30 years of work experience, which is 27 years of work experience at CCU. The CCU has 16 nursing staff with a female bachelor's degree, of which 2 nurses have a 6-month special ward degree (30 specialized credits). Of this number, 4 are project planners, 2 are corporate nurses and 2 are corporate anesthesiologists.

In the morning shift: 4 nurses with a head nurse, in the evening: 3 nurses, at night: 3 nurses with an anesthesia.

Services: 4 crews work in the CCU ward, of which 1 is a woman in shift D and 3 are men work in three shifts. There are 3 shifts D, E, N. Morning and evening shifts last 7 hours and night shift lasts 13 hours, with a coefficient code of 197-1.5 times of each N shift is equal to 19 hours and on holidays D or E10 hours.