Committee of Honor Plan


Members of Committee of Honor Plan





Dr. Majid Galini

Head of the hospital


Faride Arab ameri

Manager of the hospital


Zahra Kamali



Zeynab Saboor

Head of the Committee of Honor Plan


Mohammad Mahdi Mirzaei

Head of Security


Sina Garayeli

Head of Public Relations


Fatemeh Madah

Connector of Honor Plan


Ethics Charter of Motamedi Hospital

In the presence of the Almighty, we strive to communicate with clients and colleagues kindly, politely, perform the assigned tasks and affairs honestly and in the shortest time, observe fairness, and provide sufficient and clear explanations. Therefore, we must implement principles, and follow the ethics charter.


Ethics Charter

  • We will strive to maintain order in the workplace, because discipline reflects the personality, faith and belief of each person to provide service.
  • We welcome clients with a well appearance, patience and kindness.
  • We respect managers and colleagues so that we can satisfy everyone by creating empathy and like-mindedness.
  • We implement the assigned tasks correctly and rapidly.
  • We will be sad with the dissatisfaction of affected clients, so we humbly apologize them. We are proud of their satisfaction.
  • We listen to the comments, suggestions and criticisms of the client gladly.


Main Goals of Honor Plan of Clients

  • Informing clients properly about how to serve through the website, bulletin boards, brochures and ...
  • Revising, modifying and re-engineering work methods to facilitate and increase speed and accuracy in serving the people
  • Developing an ethical charter for the organization, in order to create a compassionate and appropriate relationship with the clients
  • Asking clients for feedback on the quality of service and how employees treat
  • Making the necessary mechanisms to encourage employees whom behaviors make clients satisfied, and dealing with violating employees
  • Asking people about their satisfaction with the quality of service