Committee of Training and Strengthening of Human Resources






Dr. Dariush pahlevan

Vice-Chancellor of Development and Human Resources- Head of the Committee


Maryam Nasiri

Head of the Human Resources


Fatemeh Etemadi

Expert of Planning and Human Resources Development- Secretary of the Committee


Najme Haghighat

Head of Continuous Education of Medical Community



Informed expert of all deputies as member of the committee


Responsibilities of the Committee of Training:

  • Checking out macro and micro programs of training and strengthening of human resources in order to confirm its compliance with the strategy and programs of human development of the university;
  • Checking out and approving training programs
  • Checking out and confirming training content and material
  • Cooperating and providing advisory opinions to the Deputy in the field of related tasks;
  • Checking out and approving these training regulations, executive instructions and other new guidelines as the case may be, or making changes and making necessary amendments to the guidelines, at the discretion of the head of the training and human resources improvement and with the approval of the deputy;
  • Supervising the proper implementation of training programs and improvement of human resources of university
  • Checking out educational issues and problems and providing appropriate solutions for preventive and corrective measures;
  • Checking out and selecting competent implementing institutions in the field of training process
  • Determining policies to have incentive mechanisms within the framework of laws and regulations
  • Checking out and approving professors' fees in special cases
  • Performing other tasks that are determined based on the training system of human resources or the items suggested by the institute in the field of training and strengthening of human resources