Conditions of the Scientific Olympiad


All undergraduate and professional doctoral students from medical universities /schools of the country who are studying or graduates, and have passed less than six months after graduation by the date of the first exam of the National Olympiad in any course can participate in the Olympiad regardless of the total GPA and year of study.


Article 1: Medical universities/ schools are responsible for selecting and introducing students participating in each field. In case of non-compliance with the rules of the Olympiad, the technical committee will review and decide on the issue. The ruling of this committee is also applicable after winning a medal and ranking.

Article 2: Anyone who ranks first in the individual stage in each field cannot participate in the same field again.

Article 3: Participating in one field and gaining a rank in it does not prohibited the student from participating in other fields in the next courses of the Olympiad.

Article 4: The participation of master's and doctoral Ph.D. students in the sixth field (entrepreneurship in the context of third millennium universities) is unimpeded based on letter No. 4967/500 / D dated 02/06/2018 by Deputy of Education of the relevant ministry.