Copyright Regulations of CL

Restrictions on Licensing and Copyright

All SEMUMS users must respect the copyrights rules of electronic resources Licensing Restrictions in all the resources that are available through SEMUMS libraries or network. 

 copyright Restrictions


No copyrighted work may be copied, published, disseminated, hosted, displayed, performed or played without printed copyright permission of the holder. All students, professors, researchers of SEMUMS must observe the rules of copyright strictly, while using other people's material in their works. Also, they must know their rights about the materials of their works.

Coping parts of e.g., a course book for private

Coping parts of e.g., a course book for private educational use is permitted, but coping the entire book or printing an e-book completely is almost always prohibited. Any commercial use is forbidden.


 Licensing Restrictions


Licensed electronic resources are restricted to SEMUMS members for purposes of research, teaching, and private study. Commercial use of these resources is prohibited in any case. Users may not be allowed to post content or items from the licensed materials to social networking sites, pass their access to any no authorized user, use the licensed materials for commercial purposes, sale the licensed materials, download the electronic resources in a systematic way or reproduce, host or redistribute the licensed materials in bulk based on SEMUMS licenses for electronic resources access.

Therefore, the terms and conditions of SEMUMS Central Library contracts signed by the various suppliers are superiorly observed. SEMUMS Central Library may terminate and ban the network and resource access of those users whose behavior disturb or violate the copyright & licenses Issues.