Core Laboratory of Rehabilitation

Instructions for using the laboratories of the Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Research Center

This instruction consists of 10 articles in order to standardize how to use the laboratories of the Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Research Center (here called the Center) of SEMUMS (here called the University) for extra-university and intra-university institutions for educational and research purposes. It was compiled and approved at the meeting of the Research Council of the center.

  • Article 1- Applicants of extra- university institutions who request the use of laboratory facilities of the center must submit their formal application to the highest official of the relevant institution to the Deputy of Research and Technology. After obtaining approval and concluding a cooperation agreement with the university, they should refer to the center for coordination with the letter of recommendation of the Vice Chancellor and their research proposal.
  • Article 2- Applicants of intra-university institutions are allowed to use the center's laboratories according to the center's criteria after approving of their research plans and proposals in the research council of the center and the university.
  •  Article 3- The applicant must submit one of the faculty members of the center as a research project consultant and supervisor of the quality of activity in the center's laboratories in his/her proposal and introduce him/her to the center.
  •  Article 4- The executor and applicant of the project is responsible for conducting experiments related to the research project and his/her presence in the center is necessary during the entire process of conducting the experiments.


Note A: The start and conduct of the tests is subject to the approval of the Ethics Committee.

Note B: The executor or applicant is obliged to observe Islamic manners and the compliance plan during the tests.


  •  Article 5- Using of free time of the center's laboratories is coordinated by the center's expert, and applicants are required to follow the center's rules on how to use the laboratory.
  •  Article 6- Applicants are responsible for the maintenance of the laboratory equipment used. In case of damage, applicants are obliged to compensate the costs of repair and damage.
  •  Article 7: The time of using the center's laboratories is from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. The presence of the faculty member of the project in the center is necessary, if the applicant needs to work in the center in the afternoon.


Note A: In case of using the empty capacities of the center's laboratories after work time of the center, the applicant is obliged to pay the overtime of the center's staff according to the standing hours.


  •  Article 8- The executer of the project receives the required equipment from the center's expert before starting the tests, and is obliged to deliver all the equipment safely to the expert in charge of the center's laboratory at the end of the tests.


Note A: The executer of the project is not allowed to move the laboratory equipment outside the center.

  •  Article 9- The executer of the project is obliged to include the name of the faculty member of the associated center in project in the published articles of his/her research project along with his/her affiliation among the authors of the research project. Also, the applicant is obliged to introduce the center as the research site in the following format.


English format

Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Research Center, Semnan University of Medical Sciences, Smenan, Iran


  •  Article 10- The executor is obliged to pay for the use of the center's laboratories as described in the table below for each case (use) of the center's laboratories.



Name of Laboratory

The cost of the test in Rials per item





Biodex balance



Isokinetic torque of upper and lower limb muscles



Exercise physiology (respiratory gases)



Electromyographic kinesiology



Electromyography and clinical electronurography



Motion analysis with force plate



Force plate balance laboratory



Note A: Simultaneous use of two laboratories is subject to a 30% discount on the total cost.

Note B: The executor can pay 50% of the cost before the start and the remaining 50% before the start of the second half of the project.

Note C: Payments are deposited to the special income account of the university, which are used for reconstruction, preparation of consumables and repairs.

This instruction consists of 10 articles and 7 notes and was compiled and approved by the Research Council of the Center on Friday 1 May 2015.