Counseling Nutrition and Diet Therapy


One of the main duties of a nutritionist is to advise and treat patients in inpatient wards and other clients who refer to the hospital clinic. According to the request of the treating physician regarding the necessity of performing nutritional counseling for patients, after informing the expert and examining the patient's condition, nutritional planning and intervention will be done.


Responsibilities of Counseling Nutrition and Diet Therapy


  • Coordinating and holding periodic consultative meetings with the treatment team
  • Planning and training nutrition for the staff and patients of the wards
  • Providing nutrition counseling and diet therapy in response to case counseling requests
  • Providing nutrition counseling and diet therapy in the form of completing initial and supplementary specialized nutrition evaluation forms
  • Coordinating and monitoring training programs and measuring their effectiveness in all employees
  • Making nutrition policy of hospital in response to internal and external problems through research and audit
  • Coordinating and monitoring the implementation of standards for screening, monitoring and evaluation, food considerations and nutritional support
  • Coordinating the transfer of all food and nutritional support in all specialized and general offices
  • Cooperating closely with specialized offices and, if necessary, encouraging, supporting and developing special needs for the transfer of nutritional care to them.
  • Striving to form a multidisciplinary nutrition support team (enteral and parenteral nutrition) that includes at least one trained nutrition consultant


Problems in the field of nutrition can be solved by providing solutions to the management system and its follow-up. Also, the collection should try to improve the quality of services by observing standard principles and applying valuable skills and experiences.