Course Units and Education Period

Article 18) Minimum number of passed units for graduation from the MD/MBBS/BDS course of medicine is in accordance with the approved program of that course in the great council of scheduling of the university’s campus.

Article 19) In the pre-clinical period, each student should take minimum of 12 and maximum of 20 units per semester.

Note 1: Students can disobey the condition of “minimum 12 units” in the last semester of each of the pre-clinical sections.

Note 2: If the total average score of a student is at least 17 in a semester she/he can take up to 24 units with the suggestion of the advisor and agreement of the college.

Note 3: If the student has been left with maximum 24 units to pass a section, she/he can take all those units provided that s/he was not conditional in the previous semester. This should all be done with the agreement of the college.

Note 4: The student is not permitted to take more than 6 units in summer term.

Article 20) In necessary situations the department of education and international campus of medical college can offer some prerequisite courses to better the readiness of student to continue studies.

Note 4: One semester will be added to the allotted time of education for those students who have passed at least 8 units of the prerequisite courses.

Article 21) The maximum allotted time for educating in the MBBS course is 5/5 years, 2 years of which is given to pass the first stage and 3/5 remaining years will be allocated to passing the second and third stages.

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