Head of Dialysis

Ms. Firouzi



In this ward, blood purification of patients is performed under the supervision of an internal medicine specialist or nephrologist by a nurse and with the help of a hemodialysis machine and other ancillary necessities in the following patients:


  • People with chronic kidney disease are treated periodically, 1-3 sessions per week with hemodialysis for 4 hours.
  • Patients with reduced renal function due to heart and brain diseases are hospitalized.
  • People who suffer from drug or chemical poisoning are also treated temporarily.


Medical and pharmaceutical treatments are completely free for patients in this ward, and the cost is paid by the covered insurance.

This ward has 10 beds and 10 dialysis machines, one for antigen-positive patients, one for hepatitis B patients, one for hepatitis C patients and seven for normal patients.


Recommendations and tips for clients:

Patients with chronic renal failure should take the following steps before starting treatment;


  • Letter of recommendation from the relevant doctor
  • Performing tests for AIDS, hepatitis B and C and blood group in Semnan Blood Transfusion Laboratory
  • Providing the latest ECG or echocardiogram
  • Providing a copy of the identity card, the original health insurance booklet and the national card



  • Dr. Raisi (Urologist)
  • Internal specialists