Dialysis of VH


Name of the ward: Hemodialysis

Technical manager of the ward: Dr. Mohammad Hossein Mesgarpour, Internist

Head Nurse of the ward: Azam Hajiparvane, BSc. Nursing

Location of the ward in the hospital: The Dialysis ward is located in the basement of the hospital, in front of the clinic and next to the Physiotherapy ward.

Telephone of the head of the ward: 2400

Internal NO: 2411


Specialists of the ward:

  • Dr. Abolfazl Fattah,
  • Dr. Hassan Torabi,
  • Dr. Mosgarpour,
  • Dr. Hashemi,
  • Dr. Hatefi


There are 10 beds for normal patients, 1 bed for antigen-positive patients and 1 bed for Covid19 patients

There are a main hall consisting of 10 beds, a room for positive antigen patients and a room for Covid19 patients

Other rooms and side spaces: a dining room for patients and companions, waiting room, a room for staff, a room for clean items, examination room, t-wash, two Western and Iranian toilets for patients and companions, one for staff.


  • 14 Hemodialysis Devices
  • Oxygen and Central Suction for each bed
  • 2 Oxygen Capsules
  • Emergency Trolley
  • 1 portable suction
  • 2 Cardiac Monitors with the ability to measure blood pressure and pulse oximetry
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Electroshock
  • Electrocardiograph
  • Refrigerator for medicine and food for patients separately
  • Refrigerator for staff
  • 3 Splits
  • 4 TV sets for patients and companions


Note: Internists’ visits are every day and planned