Article 53) Dissertation is one of the sections of the MD/MBBS course medicine in which the student is obliged to do research about a related subject to the course under the directions of supervisor.

Article 54) The students of MD/ MBBS should choose and submit their dissertation subject from their training period until the time before taking the formal examination of pre-internship course.

Note: The MD/ MBBS students will not be permitted to participate in the formal examination of pre-internship course if they do not submit the subject of their dissertation in set time.

Article 55) The professor will be determined by the suggestion of the student.  The approval of supervisor and the related department of education is determined by the research council of the related college.

Note 1: The minimum academic rank for a supervisor is assistant professor. In special cases, with the approval of research council of the college, lecturer faculty members can also be used as supervisor.

Note 2: In special cases, to perform intersectional researches a student can have more than one supervisor following the approval of research council of the college.

Article 56) One of the faculty members or specialists and noted researchers will be determined as the advisor with the supervisor’s suggestion after the approval of the research council of the university, if necessary.

Article 57) Choosing the subject of dissertation must be done by the guidance of the supervisor.

Article 58) The dissertation’s subject must not be repetitive. This means that there should be no dissertation in the related university with similar or different topic but similar content within the past 5 years.

Note: In special cases and with the supervision of research council, choosing an identical topic will be of no problem in subjects which may need more research within less than the aforementioned time.

Article 59) Each student should choose one subject for dissertation.

Note: Choosing the topic of dissertation by a group of students (maximum 3) will be permitted after the approval of supervisor and research council of the related college. To do so, following steps should be accomplished:

a: Size and importance of research subject should be proportionate to the number of students.

b: Segmenting the subject of dissertation should be in a way that each of the related students be able to do a separate part of that.

Article 60) to submit the subject of dissertation the following steps should be taken:

a: Choosing the dissertation’s subject with the guidance of supervisor

b: Inspecting whether or not the dissertation’s subject is repetitive is upon the research administration of the college

c: The suggested plan for the subject of the dissertation should be approved by the related department of education.

d: Giving the suggested plan of dissertation from the department to the research administration of the college to be approved in the research council of the college.

e: Providing the supervisor with the approved notification of the research council to start the dissertation

Note: The time between submitting the dissertation’s subject and defending that should not grow less than one year.

Article 61) Each dissertation should have the following parts:

a: Abstract in Farsi and English (significance and background, method and instrumentation, results, and conclusion)

b: Introduction (reasons of significance, general information about research and goals of research)

c: Context analysis

d: Methodology (type of research, environment and instruments of research, size and sample and sampling technique, data collection technique, data analysis method, and types of statistical tests and process)

e: Results (using statistical tests, tables, diagrams and result interpretation)

f: Discussion and conclusion (investigating the results, comparing the results with those of other studies, analyzing the reason of different result with those of other studies, investigating the defects and delimitations of research, final conclusion and recommendations for further studies)

g: Resources

Article 62) Composing the dissertation in English is of no boundaries but it is necessary to have abstract not just in English but also in Farsi.

Article 63) The jury who is responsible for making the final decision about dissertations is made of the following members:

1-      Supervisor

2-      Advisor (if included)

3-      Representative of the research council of college

4-      Representative of the department of education related to the dissertation

5-      A member of faculty members or specialists and noted researchers chosen by the related department of education

Note: Academic rank of supervisor and faculty members should be at least assistant professor. In special cases after the approval of research council of college, the rank can be lecturer. About specialists, researches, and noted experts bearing PhD is obligatory.

Article 64) The jury’s evaluation of the dissertation is in a numerical scale from zero to twenty. According to the obtained scores they will be categorized into four ranks as follows:

Excellent                    very good                            good                            unacceptable

Note: Only those dissertations can obtain “excellent” which were investigative (done by research) or were printed or took the privilege of copy in one of the authentic scientific journals of Iran or foreign countries. Obviously, providing the jury with article or privilege of being copied in a journal should be before defending the dissertation and scoring session.

Article 65) All the students are bound to defend their dissertation in the last semester and if a student could not defend his/her dissertation within the set schedule of educational year or could not obtain passing score that student will be expelled even though s/he had passed all the training units.

Article 66) Number of units and score of dissertation in the final semester will be calculated and students are free to disobey the “maximum number of allowed unit” rule in the final semester.

Article 67) A student is considered graduate when all the units are passed including dissertation (any of them earliest)

Article 68) All the rights gained from dissertations belong to university.

Article 69) A copy of every dissertation’s summary should be sent to the deputy of research and technology of the related ministry for utilization and informing other centers.