Document Delivery Service

Guideline for using Document Delivery Service (DDS)

One of the most important services in libraries is the preparation of the required scholary articles for their members. In this regard, the Document Delivery Service (DDS) is one of the methods for providing the articles needed by users. The central library of Semnan University of Medical Sciences serves this service to the university academic staff, researchers, and post and under graduate students in accordance with the following terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions:

  • This service is provided exclusively for preparing the full text of scholary articles.
  • Users of this service are only University's academic and non-academic staff, researchers with research projects approved by the university and also university's students.

Note 1- Post- graduate students can use this service only with an introduction letter from their supervisor.

Note 2- Under- graduate students may also use this service if they are required to complete their dissertation, research project, seminar or project in accordance with Note 1, Clause 3 below.

Note 3- Non-academic staff who they are developing a proposal for a research project or performing a university research project can also use this service (up to 8 papers per year).

  • The academic members of university can order 15 articles titles per year.

Note 1- The number of articles requested by the academic members who are the supervisors of medical students or under graduate students can be extended up to 20 articles per year.

Note 2- Post graduate students can order 10 articles per year (PhD students up to 15 per year).

  • The library does not take any responsibility about the ordered articles, which are not available for any reason.