Documents for Temporary Certificate


Documents for graduation:

  • Original degree of pre-university
  • Confirming certificate of pre-university
  • Participation card in the entrance exam
  • Transcript of change of major and transfer
  • List of admission
  • Settlement sheets with different offices of the university
  • Academic confirmation of previous degrees for alumni of discontinuous degrees.
  • Settling the account from the Medical Student Welfare Fund or the debt declaration form issued by the management of Student Affairs for alumni of discontinuous degrees.


Criteria for Issuing a Temporary Certificate

  • Providing a certificate of exemption or completion of the human resources plan
  • Providing a settlement sheet with Welfare Fund or letter of Debt status from Welfare Fund.
  • Providing card of Military Services (for men)
  • Paying (10000 Rials) for attaching the stamp to the account number 540100004001000901001082IR to the treasury account of the whole country.
  • A piece of photo


Note: The time for issuing a temporary certificate is after the announcement of the status of the project (end or exemption) until the time of receiving the certification.


Dear alumni, the temporary certificate will be issued upon presentation of the above-mentioned documents and by your request. The certificate is valid for 5 years from the date of issuance and can be extended only once and for two years. Obviously, the original temporary certificate will be returned upon receipt of the certificate.


Dear Alumni

  • If you have a notarized document from the relevant ministry or other organization, the issuance of a temporary certificate is not prohibited by fulfilling the obligations and revoking the document.
  • If you have completed two or more degrees at a university, you can receive certificates of both degrees if the debt status is announced (installment or settlement) in the new degree
  • If you work at the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps or have special obligations (Armed Forces Scholarships for the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and other ministries, organizations, quota of deprived areas), you cannot receive a temporary educational certificate.
  • Issuing a temporary certificate for non-Iranian citizens is against the rules.
  • The temporary certificate is non-translatable.


Duplicated Temporary Academic Certificate

If the temporary certificate is lost, you must follow the following steps to receive the duplicated temporary academic certificate:

  • Preparing a local testimonial letter signed by at least three people.
  • Confirming the signature by notaries and submitting it to the Department of Educational Affairs of the relevant university
  • Committing to the Department of Educational Affairs