Dormitory Affairs

Introduction of Dormitory

The dormitory is a place for students to rest, study, have fun, etc. In fact, it is the second home of students, since they spend many hours there. Therefore, the staff and management of the dormitory affairs will welcome dear students to the university, and strive to make the dormitory safe, quiet and suitable for living. Therefore, we provide students with all the information related to the facilities, accommodation costs, criteria and stages of accommodation in dormitories, etc.

Every student who applies to use the dormitory must register on the portal at the following address.

Student Facility Portal Address:

  •   University website - Deputy of Student and Cultural Affairs - Student facilities portal
  •    http://portal.  x  univ  = 136


Dormitory building:

SEMUMS currently has 13 dormitory buildings located in Semnan-Damghan-Sorkheh and Aradan scattered throughout the city or centrally on the campus of the university. One of them is the accommodation of married students. Three dormitories located in Aradan to accommodate male and female students privately and it is supervised by the university.

A dormitory in Semnan for female students is managed privately by the university.

Married dormitory: It has 16 units (suites).


Addresses of dormitories:

  • Andisheh Dormitory: Semnan - 17 Shahrivar Blvd - in front of Khatam Al-Anbia Clinic. 023-33328639- 333328230
  • Bustan dormitory: 5 km of Damghan road - University of Medical Sciences and Health Services. 023- 33654175- 33654195
  • Golestan dormitory: 5 km of Damghan road - University of Medical Sciencesv and Health Services. 023- 33654204- 33654194
  • Married dormitory: Semnan - Basij Blvd - the old headquarters of the University of Medical Sciences and Health Services
  • Semnan Girls' Science and Technology Dormitory: Semnan - Saadi Square - Molavi Blvd - upper floor of Aydin Confectionery. 023- 33348353
  • Kowsar Girls' dormitory: Damghan - Cheshmeh Ali road - next to the Velayat hospital, Faculty of Health. 023-35231173
  • Quds Boys' Dormitory (1): Damghan - Shahid Motahari Blvd - Lower of Material warehouse. 35242447
  • Quds Boys' Dormitory (2): Damghan, Shahid Fallahi St., behind the municipal building. 35235118
  • Sorkheh Health Dormitory: Beheshti Sorkheh Square - Old building of Sorkheh Martyrs Clinic. 33614944
  • Davarabad girls’ dormitory: Aradan-Davarabad
  • Aradan Girl's White Dormitory: Aradan - Moallem Square - Shahid Rameh Alley - White Dormitory. 34544917
  • Aradan Boys' Dormitory: Aradan, Ishargaran Square, Behesht St., Aradan School of Health and Paramedical Sciences. 34544841


Facilities of each room:

These facilities include beds and wardrobes for the number of room occupants, carpets, curtains, refrigerators and shoe racks. Students must prepare and provide personal items such as bedding (blankets, sheets, mattresses, pillows).


Facilities available in the dormitory public areas:

Stove, TV, Computer and ...


Accommodation unit:

It consists of three parts: accommodation unit for sisters, brothers and married people. The duties of this unit are:

  • Checking the filled requests in the portal
  • Issuing dormitory use permit for each semester for qualified students
  • Accommodating new students in dormitories in October and February
  • Accommodating students applying for summer dormitory in case of providing a summer unit and the existence of facilities with the permission of the dormitory administration
  • Issuing account clearance sheet for graduate students
  • Creating suitable and carefree conditions for student housing
  • Relocating the students’ rooms during the academic year if possible
  • Referring students who are seeking counseling to the counseling office
  • Examining the applications of students whose authorized stay has. They are applicants for accommodation in case of vacant capacity.
  • Determining the damage to the dormitory