EDO of School of Nursing and Midwifery


Dr. Mehri Ansari




  • Requesting from professors to upload and send the course lesson plan at the beginning of each semester.
  • Requesting to review the lesson plan in the relevant group and resolve possible problems in order to improve the lesson plan
  • Collecting logbooks for students' clinical education
  • Forming covered committees (planning, evaluation, research in education, empowering faculty members, consulting with students and talented students) based on their assigned tasks.
  • Communicating with students to evaluate the educational quality and teaching methods of professors.
  • Being member and participating actively in the meetings of the Educational Council of Faculties
  • Participating actively in the process of annual promotion of professors
  • Sending analysis of exams held at the end of the semester to relevant professors.
  • Submitting the performance report of the professors to the EDC of SEMUMS and the Vice- Chancellor of the faculty
  • Encouraging professors in innovative educational programs at the faculty level and introducing it to SEMUMS
  • Assessing educational needs of faculty members of the relevant faculty and submitting reports to EDC
  • Empowering faculty members in various fields of medical education based on the results of needs assessment, policies and educational priorities of the faculty with the participation of EDC
  • Implementing research projects in education based on the priorities of the faculty and EDC
  • Establishing a student advisory committee at the faculty level
  • Identifying talented students, introducing them to EDC and following up on matters related to these students