EDO of School of Rehabilitation Sciences


Dr. Banafshe Mansoori

Assistant prof, Speech Therapy


Telephone: 023- 33654180


Expert of the office

Marzie Madah


Address: 5 km of Damghan Road, Educational Complex of SEMUMS, Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences, Semnan, Iran.


It intends to improve the educational- research- clinical levels of faculty members of this faculty in various fields, empower professors, monitor and evaluate the performance of professors in various fields, and improve the quality of educational planning of faculty members.



  • Implementing educational programs based on the policies announced by the Center of Study and Development of Education
  • Consulting with the Dean of the faculty to implement the faculty's educational programs and policies
  • Being member and participating actively in the meetings of Educational Council of faculty
  • Collaborating with EDO of other faculties of SEMUMS in order to exchange experiences, information and benefit from their potentials.
  • Monitoring and supervising the performance and activities of Offices of Educational Development of Hospitals
  • Submitting the performance report of professors to the EDC of SEMUMS and the Vice- Chancellor of the faculty
  • Monitoring, evaluating, introducing and disseminating innovative programs at the faculty level
  • Empowering and supporting faculty members to implement innovative programs with EDC support
  • Educational needs assessment of faculty members of the relevant faculty, submitting reports to EDC
  • Empowering faculty members in various fields of medical education based on the results of needs assessment, policies and educational priorities of the faculty with the participation of EDC
  • Supervising, evaluating and analyzing the exams of relevant school
  • Implementing research projects in education based on the priorities of the faculty and EDC with the support of EDC
  • Establishing a Student Consulting Committee at the faculty level