Educational Leave and Withdrawal from Study

Article 40) The student can benefit from educational leave after passing one semester during the pre-clinical stages up to two consecutive educational semesters and maximum 6 months of educational leave which will of course, be considered as educational years.

Note 1: Accepting the educational leave request in the first semester will be upon educational council of the university’s campus.

Note 2: The period for educational leave will be considered among the maximum allotted time of every student’s education.

Note 3: The student can benefit from one month off in the internship stage.

Article 41) The request for educational leave should be in written and it should be handed at least two weeks before the beginning of registration for each semester. The written request, therefore, should be delivered to the department of education at least two weeks before the beginning of each section.

Note 1: If the aforementioned request is delivered out of the set time, making decisions will be upon the education council of the international university’s campus.

Note 2: The education department of international campus is bound to announce its approval or disapproval about the leave request of the student in written before the end of registration period and after investigating the related university.

Note 3: The aftermath brought after the educational leave is upon the student.

Article 42) Female pregnant students can benefit from one semester off without being accounted as their educational years by observing other regulations and laws.

Article 43) Students whose excused medical reasons have been approved by the council of medicine and council of education can benefit from maximum one semester without being accounted as their educational years.

Article 44) Students who are eager to withdraw from study should hand in their withdrawal request to the department of education of international campus in person. In this situation such students are allowed to retake their request only once and up to maximum one month before the end of that semester. After the expiration date, the mandate for his/her withdrawal from study will be issued and the student will not be permitted to continue studies in that field thereafter.