Emergency Nursing

Nursing is a branch of medical science that plays a very important role in health care. Graduates of this field must have full physical, mental and spiritual health, and be accurate and patient people so that they can learn a variety of sciences and learn how to use them in relation to the patient, also, by acquiring professional skills and benefiting from up-to-date knowledge, provide the required health, care and rehabilitation services to provide, maintain and improve the health of the community

Emergency nursing is one of the specialized nursing disciplines in which nurses provide medical care to patients who are in the critical phase of illness or injury. The emergency nurse is in contact with the patient before the doctor's examination, so he or she must be very skilled and fast in the physical examination.

Nurses are trained in this field to quickly diagnose life-threatening problems.

Providing nursing care to patients in critical and impaired conditions, designing and planning written and implemented training courses, conducting relevant research in the field of health, cooperating in conducting related research in line with organizational missions and skillfully providing nursing care in the emergency, critical and surgical departments are the professional roles and tasks of the graduates of this field.

Academic Staff:




Mohammad Reza Monesan

Ph.D, Assistant prof, Emergency Medicine


Seyfallah Alaei

Ph.D, Assistant prof, Nursing


Nasir Amanat

Ph.D, Assistant prof, Emergency and Disaster Health



Head of Department
Abbas Ali Ebrahimian
Ph.D, Nursing