Head of Emergency

Ms. Moshiri


This section consists of 5 parts: Triage, ECG, Sutures and dressings, Isolation room, Outpatient unit, Fracture room.


ECG, sutures and dressings, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, hospitalization and initial procedures, minor surgeries such as chest tube placement, active bleeding control, placement of dislocation, plastering, gastric lavage, enema, dressing burns, treatment of poisoning, blood infusion, blood test, performing various splints, implantation of Foley catheter, monitoring of patients, admission of pediatric patients and patients referred from clinics and Imam Hossein (AS) Hospital in Aradan.

Experienced and skilled personnel with complete equipment, up-to-date knowledge and science are ready to provide services to dear patients 24 hours a day.

This ward has 13 beds, resuscitation and trauma rooms, which are active in admitting and serving outpatient emergency clients.


Specialist Doctors:

  • Dr. Rezanejad, Dr. Azarfar, Dr. Mirrajee, Dr. Farbod


Recommendations and tips for clients:

Keep calm, pay attention to the signs, treat the staff properly, give sufficient and necessary information about the disease, bring evidence of heart disease, have the patient's national code and pay attention to the recommendations of staff and doctors carefully.