The Emergency ward of the Velayat hospital is the only General Emergency ward in the city of Damghan, and is located on the eastern side of the ground floor. It is connected with the lobby from the entrance door.

This ward has the Emergency physician clinic room for visiting outpatients (4, 5 triage levels), the nursing triage room for leveling patients, the CPR room for serving patients with 1, 2 triage level (high risk patients), and admission. Also, the Emergency ward is equipped with an Emergency room that includes 8 adult beds (4 monitors), and 2 pediatric beds.

Also, it includes separate rooms for outpatient surgeries such as stitch, catheters, splints, fast ultrasound and injections for outpatients, a room for patients with drug poisoning, and a 9-bed emergency room.

The Emergency ward has a head nurse, 6 experienced nurses who are aware of emergency procedures, Emergency physicians and General practitioners, 37 Specialists on call and Resident physician. They are ready to provide services to patients around the clock.