Engineering of Organization


Batol Lajevardi

MA. Business Management



  • Studying and Checking out organizational structure in order to improve the structure of the SEMUMS continuously
  • Planning for change in the organizational structures of the university
  • Assessing the current condition of the structure of each activity and its suitability to the needs of the activity
  • Designing structural patterns of activities based on the organizational needs of the modified processes
  • Planning to rationalize with emphasis on reducing the organizational dimensions of the university
  • Cooperating in determining the transfer of activities that can be performed in other sections in order to reduce government ownership
  • Collaborating in developing standards and forms related to the transfer or purchase of various services from the non-governmental sector
  • Preparing and developing organizational chart and detailed organization of the SEMUMS
  • Acting and supervising the allocation of organizational posts to individuals
  • Approving organizational ranks for transfer, employment, group promotion (normal, privileged, incentive, managers, etc.), appointment, change of title, etc.
  • Providing organizational solutions and suggestions to university officials
  • Announcing the organizational opinion in the committees of transfers, employment etc.
  • Checking out organizational requests of headquarters, educational and medical centers, schools, hospitals, research centers, networks and health centers of cities and their subdivisions.
  • Supervising the correct regulation of the proposed organization of the relevant offices.