Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Department of Epidemiology and Biological Statistics of Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services was stablished by the suggestion of faculty members and the follow-up of the faculty officials in 2016 and since then it has started its official activity as an independent group.

Group mission

The Department of Epidemiology and Biological Statistics, with the support of its faculty members and colleagues, has three educational-research missions, teaching, researching and meeting the needs of the public health field and the scientific authority in the region. In addition to providing educational services to all levels and fields of study in colleges, it is responsible for implementing and cooperating in micro and macro research projects in the field of health.



The aim of members of this group is to improve the health of the community, so its has close and continuous cooperation with the most important research centers inside and outside the university - especially the Research Center for Social Factors Affecting Health and Clinical Research Development Units- that can be affective in major regional decision makings in the field of health.

In addition to teaching statistics, epidemiology and research methods, several educational workshops are held by the professors of this group, emphasizing on improving the research ability of students, colleagues and esteemed faculty members.



Group values

The members of the group believe that their efforts should lead to the training of graduates who are distinguished in terms of knowledge, expertise and professional commitment, and each of them will be an added value for their organization in their future work environments.

Defining the group structure in the medical school helps to strengthen and develop the quantitative and qualitative clinical research in the university. The presence of professors and experts in the fields of "epidemiology" and "biological statistics" together in the group strengthens each of these two disciplines by the other.

As an academic institution, accountability to stakeholders, the most important of which is the community, is of particular interest of the group. The faculty members of the group believe that they are the role models of learners and the next generation, and therefore they observe professional behavior, including the five dimensions of conscientiousness and accountability; Honesty and integrity; Fairness and non-abuse of authority; Respect; And excellence are always at the forefront of group members' activities.


The development of higher levels of group education and research in the university by attracting interested colleagues and faculty members, increasing the level of comprehensive ability of members and staff of the group and launching educational and research courses in master's and doctoral programs are its most important future programs.

Academic staff:

Epidemiology and Biostatistics




Raheb Ghorbani

Full prof, Biostatistics


Majid Mir Mohammad Khani

Ph.D, Associate prof, Epidemiology


Fatemeh Paknazar

Ph.D, Assistant prof, Biostatistics


Mojtaba Soltani Kermanshahi

Ph.D, Assistant prof, Biostatistics



Head of Department
Dr. Raheb Ghorbani
Ph.D Biostatistics
ghorbani.raheb93@gmail.com, r_ghorbani@semums.ac.ir