Ethical Charter of Deputy of Educational Affairs


Ethical slogan:

  • Honesty, intimacy, patience, frankness, toughness


Commitment to the client:

  • Observing politeness, humility and good manners
  • Making an intimate and ethical relationship with stakeholders (professor-student)
  • Clarifying and documenting the service delivery process
  • Providing fast and correct services in terms of preventing waste of time and energy


Commitment to yourself:

  • Thinking, deciding and acting independently in accordance with the principles of belief
  • Avoiding irresponsible responses and respecting the rights of others
  • Avoiding disclosing confidential information and documents
  • Accepting effective criticism


Commitment to employees:

  • Respecting employees
  • Observing justice, fairness and non-discrimination in allocating and distributing facilities
  • Supporting spiritually and materially from honest, sincere, patient and tough employees
  • Improving and retraining of human resources through active participation and continuous training


Commitment to the organization:

  • Performing activities in accordance with policies and goals
  • Performing each activity in a certain time frame
  • Avoiding waste and squandering governmental property and facilities
  • Striving to expedite and facilitate matters (system automation)
  • Establishing administrative organization in accordance with the assigned tasks