Department of Medical Ethics, Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services

Medical ethics can be considered as a set of valued do's and don'ts of health workers that are necessary for this sacred profession.

Medicine has been accompanied by ethical guidelines since its inception. But its special and organized form is a relatively new thing that has been formed in the country's medical universities in recent years along with the presentation of courses in the field of ethics.


Since the establishment of the Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, 2 units of medical ethics for medical students and professional ethics and regulations for a number of other majors of the university have been presented by the cooperation of the Islamic Teachings group, the Office of the Leadership Institution, experienced professors of the university and under supervision of the Department of Education.

A professional ethics committee was established in the university in 2011 and some workshops were held to strengthen it. Subsequently, in 2015, the University Medical Ethics Council was formed. To organize its teaching and monitoring, an independent group of medical ethics was formed in 2018 by the management of Mr. Gholamhossein Mahdavinejad.




  • Coordination and presentation of medical ethics courses based on approvals and instructions
  • Guiding and coordinating for the preservation of religious and moral values in the sacred profession of medicine among faculty members, nurses, staff and students
  • Answering accident questions in order to provide health services
  • Preventing damage to the reputation of hospitals that may occur due to lack of staff awareness.
  • Holding workshops for health care providers
  • Empowering professors, physicians, staff and all health staff to provide the best possible medical services



Group projects and research lines

Numerous projects have been completed so far, including:

  • The role of Quran, pray and supplication in the development of physical and mental health,
  • The sentence of sperm and egg donation
  • Limits and privacy of medical examinations
  • Different views in Islamic medicine
  • Directing dissertations and interdisciplinary research to the subject of medical ethics


Attracting faculty members from graduates of this field, providing suitable space for research work, planning to hold various workshops, planning to control and supervise the implementation of professional ethics in various fields


Academic staff:

Ethics of Medical Sciences




Gholam Hossein Mahdavi Nejad

Assistant prof, Jurisprudence and principles


Farhad Malek

Associate prof, Lung


Seyed Saeid Kasaeian

Assistant prof, Social Medicine



Raheb Ghorbani

Full prof, Biostatistics


Nazila Amali


Assistant Prof, Orthodontics


Seyfalh Alaei

 Ph.D, Assistant prof, Nursing


Majid Jadidi

 Full Prof, Medical Physics


Jalal Bakhtiari

 Assistant prof, Speech Therapy



Head of Department
Gholam Hossein Mahdavi Nejad