Expert of Environmental Health


کارشناس سلامت محیط


Halime Abdollah zade


Telephone: 023-31052299




  • Notifying instructions and directives to relevant offices
  • Notifying and monitoring the implementation of environmental health standards and regulations in health centers of cities and health- treatment centers
  • Monitoring the health condition of food preparation, distribution and sales centers, public places and places along the roads
  • Monitoring the health condition of schools and educational centers
  • Monitoring the health condition of mosques and holy places
  • Monitoring the health condition of factories and food production workhouses
  • Monitoring the health condition of health centers, laboratories, offices and hospitals
  • Monitoring the health condition of public places
  • Monitoring water supply facilities and control of drinking water in the areas covered microbiologically and chemically
  • Monitoring swimming pool water for turbidity, residual chlorine and microbial contamination
  • Monitoring and controlling food hygiene at the supply level
  • Following up, setting up and equipping specialized laboratories for water and food quality control
  • Monitoring the management of solid waste (collection, transfer and final disposal) in urban, rural and hospital wards
  • Registering activities related to water hygiene and sanitation of places and centers in the comprehensive system of environmental health inspection
  • Monitoring work centers with ionizing and non-ionizing beams
  • Intensifying environmental health activities on occasions (Nowruz holidays, Ramadan, Imam's anniversary ceremonies, Path of Light ceremonies, Muharram and Safar, etc.)
  • Responding to public complaints received at the Environmental and Occupational Health Emergency Headquarters and System 190 (Public Relations Management System)
  • Controlling and reducing the effects of smoking
  • Designing and implementing environmental health programs in the form of community-based initiatives (CBI)
  • Monitoring air quality and controlling air pollution caused by solid fuel consumption
  • Monitoring housing hygiene and indoor environments
  • Monitoring the fight against insects, rodents and disease-carrying animals
  • Controlling chemicals in the environment
  • Monitoring the health of agricultural products
  • Monitoring the implementation of the improvement program of rural environment
  • Managing and reducing the effects of natural and man-made disasters by providing environmental health services in emergencies
  • Assessing the effects of development on health and controlling environmental damage
  • Monitoring the activities of private companies providing environmental health services such as: Trade Unions, Spraying and Disinfection Services companies, Self-Declaration and Self-Control companies, Waste Management Services companies, etc.
  • Holding and participating in holding conferences and scientific workshops at the regional and university level
  • Implementing educational and notifying programs and media production in the field of environmental health for all groups
  • Collecting, summarizing, analyzing statistics and information and presenting feedback to the offices covered and superior authority
  • Analyzing indicators of environmental health performance and developing operational and interventional plans to improve them
  • Estimating and following up the allocation of required funds.