Expert of Evaluation of Performance


Nahid Jamshidi

BA. Governmental Management

Internal NO: 2029



  • Studying rules, directives and instructions on how to conduct annual evaluation of staff
  • Communicating directly with the evaluation office of the relevant ministry in order to coordinate the implementation of evaluation programs
  • Evaluating the tasks, activities and responsibilities of the offices in order to identify existing obstacles and problems
  • Preparing annual evaluation plan of employees in affiliated offices
  • Educating and justifying evaluators in relation to objectives and programs of evaluation
  • Supervising the proper implementation of evaluation programs of affiliated offices
  • Preparing an analytical report on the evaluation of the offices and providing corrective suggestions to superior authorities
  • Preparing a report of the inspection results and sending it to the relevant authorities
  • Investigating the complaints of the evaluated and announcing the results
  • Supervising and coordinating how to work with the evaluation system of the relevant ministry
  • Drafting administrative correspondence
  • Providing the necessary reports according to the order of the superior authority
  • Protecting the treasury and being secretive
  • Taking care in maintaining confidentiality and non-disclosure of secrets
  • Carrying out other relevant tasks according to the order of the superior authority.