Expert of Health and Treatment Networks


کارشناس شبکه های بهداشتی و درمانی


Elham Dehghani

Telephone: 023-31052173



  • Determining the geographical distribution of health units in the region and showing it on the map
  • Studying and reconciling geographical conditions, country divisions, defined service packages and suggesting the modification of expansion plans or conversion of departments
  • Studying and reconciling the intended human resource for the departments and suggesting the reformation of its organization
  • Implementing the criteria for the development of health departments, integrating services and coordinating health departments
  • Participating in the education of medical and paramedical students who are sent to health departments
  • Implementing family doctor programs in urban and rural areas
  • Coordinating and following-up outsourcing of health services in the region
  • studying and determining the required human resource of the health departments of the region and following-up of their supply
  • Distributing and dispatching regional health human resources and monitoring their service
  • Reporting existing problems and failures and suggesting appropriate solutions
  • Coordinating and cooperating with current health programs in the region
  • Planning and coordinating to provide nursing and midwifery services in the covered departments
  • Implementing the public participation program in urban and rural areas
  • Cooperating with the welfare training center for the selection and training of native health workers
  • Developing, proposing and implementing in-service retraining and in-service training programs for health workers and participating in their implementation
  • Getting acquainted with the applications of the relevant department, data entry and analysis
  • Participating in applied research about health system in the relevant job
  • Participating actively in internships, skills and training courses in order to improve information, job capabilities and using their results in performing assigned tasks
  • Cooperating in educating medical and paramedical students in the covered departments
  • Developing and implementing an annual plan based on the strategic plan and service packages
  • Performing other assigned tasks according to the order of the superior authority