Expert of Occupational Health


کارشناس گروه سلامت کار


Mona Shoayri


Telephone: 023- 31052198



  • Integration Plan of Occupational Health in the country's health system:


The purpose of this plan is to cover workers in all occupations and areas of activity in terms of occupational health

  • Survival Plan (Carpet Weavers' Health):


The purpose of this plan is to promote the health of employees in urban and rural carpet weaving workshops

  • Behgar Plan:


The purpose of this plan is to promote the health of workers and prevent their premature disability due to accidents in the workplace. This plan is implemented in workshops of 20-49 workers.

  • Joint plan to Establish Workers' Health Houses:


This plan is implemented in coordination and cooperation with the General Department of Labor and Social Affairs of the province, the Treatment Management, and Social Security of the province and the Health Center of the province. The purpose of this plan is to ensure the health of workers and improve their knowledge to create appropriate health behaviors in workers and improve the environment. This plan is implemented in workshops of 50-500 workers and is currently established in 30 industrial units of the Workers' Health House.

  • Monitoring and Supervising plan for Small Workshops (Technical Services):


The purpose of this plan is to raise the awareness and level of workers' health, eliminate and control harmful factors and the work environment, which has started since the beginning of 1994 in all cities of the province. It should be noted that this plan continues, too.

  • Chemicals Safety Profile Development plan:


In this plan, according to the regulations, the centers that produce, distribute, consume or maintain these materials should be identified in the province in order to take action on their safety and health issues. In order to implement this plan, a committee has been formed with the participation of members of the General Departments of Industries and Mines, Commerce, Customs, Jihad-e-Agriculture, Environment, Veterinary, Provincial Health Center, Management and Planning.

  • Hard and Harmful Jobs Committee:


The purpose of this plan is to implement the approval of The Council of Ministers and The Islamic Consultative Assembly regarding the determination of hard and harmful jobs in factories and mines, in which this committee works. The members of the committee are: representatives of the General Department of Labor and Social Affairs, Social Security, Industries and Mines, Health Center, Employers 'Representative and Workers' Representative

  • Recruiting Occupational Health Professionals in Industries and Mines:


The project, which is being implemented in factories and mines with more than 100 workers, started in last year. The purpose of implementing this plan is to implement safety and health standards and principles, to reduce the adverse factors and accidents caused by work, to train workers, and so on.

  • Visiting and examining the health condition of the working environment of industrial and mining units and their workers
  • Identifying, evaluating, measuring harmful factors in the workplace and providing controlling solutions
  • Paying attention to the ergonomic condition of workers in the workplace and providing appropriate solutions
  • Following up, monitoring and performing labor examinations
  • Dealing with violators of health standards and labor law and, if necessary, introducing them to judicial authorities
  • Training the occupational safety and health standards, public and individual environment for workers in groups and individually