Expert of Oral Health

کارشناس مسئول سلامت دهان و دندان

Dr. Hasan Tajali

Telephone: 023- 31052161


Developing, notifying, implementing and fully monitoring guidelines in the field of oral health at the University of Medical Sciences

  • Supervising the preparation and implementation of the comprehensive operational plan
  • Announcing credit needs based on the operational plan
  • Arranging the proposed budget of the office for the training program, supply of supplies and purchase of equipment.
  • Preparing annual reports on the activities of the oral group
  • Participating in visiting and monitoring programs of affiliated cities
  • Leading and participating in training workshops and seminars
  • Supervising the preparation and production of educational tools such as tracts and pamphlets
  • Announcing comments on the transfer or relocation of staff in this area
  • Supervising theoretical and practical training
  • Collecting the necessary data of the age and gender groups of the province
  • Supervising the implementation of the program and the instructions sent by the relevant ministry
  • Supervising the quantity and quality of oral health programs, processes and schools