Expert and Planning and Human Resources Development



Expert of Planning and Development of Human Resources


Fatemeh Etemadi

MA. Business Management

Telephone: 023-334441021

Internal NO: 2025



  • Collaborating in determining training needs and priorities for necessary planning
  • Planning and holding general and professional training courses and improving management
  • Planning to obtain a license for training courses based on needs assessment
  • Coordinating with educational liaisons or educational offices responsible for holding courses for the optimal holding of training courses
  • Supervising the implementation of training courses based on the objectives of the course in order to ensure their proper implementation
  • Measuring the effectiveness of courses, learners and instructors.
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of training courses and determining improvement programs.
  • Studying the relevant circulars and instructions and providing the necessary instructions to the educational liaisons
  • Holding meetings of the Executive Committee of Education.
  • Participating in seminars and conferences related to providing the necessary reports.
  • Checking out and approving employees' educational credentials to enjoy motivational benefits
  • Coordinating with institutions approved by the competent authorities and concluding contracts with them in order to implement training courses
  • Preparing the necessary reports of educational activities to present to the superior
  • Striving to improve processes and how to do things and providing the necessary suggestions
  • Participating in relevant training courses in order to improve job capabilities and applying the results in performing the assigned tasks