Expert of Population and Reproductive Health


 کارشناس جمعیت و سلامت باروری


Azar Nezami khanghah


Telephone: 023- 31052187



  • Educating members of the community about healthy reproduction programs through mass media
  • Educating and retraining of different health categories in the province based on regional and national educational protocols
  • Training and retraining of trainers of welfare training centers in the field of relevant programs and instructions, monitoring continuously the implementation of healthy reproduction training programs
  • Investigating the classification of needs, and determining local and regional priorities in order to develop an operational plan for family health
  • Analyzing and evaluating the collected information (program indicators), presenting the results to the relevant authorities, and providing feedback to the relevant offices
  • Developing and implementing annual operational plans based on strategic plans and service packages
  • Preparing and arranging a report on the manner of educational activities and the progress of programs to be presented to the relevant authorities
  • Collecting and sending current statistics to superior offices
  • Designing and compiling materials and teaching aids for related programs (posters, pamphlets, pamphlets, etc.)
  • Participating in the implementation of regional and national surveys and research projects provided by the SEMUMS and the relevant ministry
  • Participating in the training of target forces by coordinating internally and externally with other relevant organizations to advance the goals of the fertility programs of the year
  • Participating in the design and implementation of research projects on the condition of providing healthy reproductive services in the province to achieve appropriate solutions and propose them to solve problems
  • Participating in the design and development of goals and policies for healthy reproduction in the framework of the general policies of the relevant ministry
  • Monitoring the supply of preventive drugs, program equipment, etc.
  • Supervising the activities of midwives working in health units, and creating educational backgrounds for healthy reproduction
  • Supervising the activities of Counseling Centers during marriage
  • Monitoring continuously the implementation of guidelines and healthy reproduction programs in order to improve the quantity and quality of services, and comparing them with regional and national criteria and indicators
  • Monitoring continuously how to implement public educational programs and monitoring how to do them
  • Cooperating in educating medical and paramedical students in the covered units
  • Carrying out other assigned affairs and tasks by the relevant authorities