Expert of Recruitment


Salime Javadi nejad

BA. Business Management

Telephone: 023-33441021 

Internal NO: 2020




  • Process of Recruitment tests (contractual)
  • Obtaining permission from the competent authorities, including the relevant ministry or the Organization of Management and Planning.
  • Convening a meeting of the recruitment and deciding committee regarding the number of licenses and distributing the licenses among the deputies according to the outgoing human resources.
  • Corresponding with deputies, collecting needs.
  • Organizing a meeting with the Management of Organizational Development and Administrative Transformation to allocate the organizational row (setting the job and employee form).
  • Convening a meeting of the Recruitment Committee regarding the date of the exam.
  • Preparing employment advertisements and coordinating with executive agents and public relations.
  • Registering candidates to participate in the exam.
  • Coordinating with security regarding the preparation and design of test questions in all job fields.
  • Holding tests
  • Checking out the documents of the accepted candidates up to 3 times the capacity.
  • Coordinating for holding professional interviews and practical work.
  • Announcing the final results and introducing the accepted ones at the rate of one and a half times to the selection core.
  • Investigating the complaints of the candidates and preparing an appropriate response according to the rules and regulations
  • Performing examinations at the beginning of employment (no bad background, tests, occupational medicine).
  • Introducing to Security
  • Obtaining a notarized commitment.
  • Issuing notification / introducing to the company.
  • Checking out contract / contractual employment order.
  • Announcing the balance of test licenses to the Ministry.
  • Recruiting the cooperating human resources through tests (assistant nurse, crew, ...)
  • Recruiting cooperating staff through companies that are parties to the contract with the university (introducing selection and protection and obtaining the necessary approvals, introducing to the company)
  • Receiving all contracts in affiliated offices, if human resources are involved, introducing to selection and security
  • Corresponding related to the human resources that are recruited as family physicians (notifying, introducing to security and selection, checking out rulings of family physician, extending contract)
  • Determining the duties of the contracted human resources of Notes 3 and 4 (fixed employment contract and labor contract) according to the age of the employees regarding the persons who are incapable of continuing to serve.
  • Supplying human resources (purchasing nursing group services) through the welfare company and how to conclude a contract
  • Carrying out all matters related to the exams held by the National Assessment Organization at  and other steps are performed by the university.
  • Being member in the Evaluation Committee of contractual human resources of Notes 3 and 4 in the university and being present in all meetings actively
  • Conducting confidential correspondence
  • Responding to all requests for cooperation with the university
  • Preparing answers to Samed's complaints regarding the change of status from a cooperating to a contractor, contractor to peymani
  • Being responsible and supporter of the system of cooperating human resources at the address:
  • Following up on uploading the insurance file by the companies that are contracted with the university monthly in all affiliated offices
  • Registering cooperating human resources in the system and obtaining a tracking code
  • Obtaining reports related to cooperating human resources
  • Controlling employed and non-employed human resources in the system
  • Introducing to selection in the system, and introducing to security in the system - Approval by the Head of Human Resources in the company system
  • Confirming Selection and sending to affiliated offices
  • Being responsible and supporter of 
  • Obtaining ID for contracted human resources of Notes 3 and 4 of headquarters and other affiliated offices
  • Following up the information of faculty and non-faculty members regarding the registration of companies
  • Uploading annual reports and entering them in the Iranian Employee System
  • Obtaining the employee number of the contracted human resources
  • Following up on ID verification by the Head of Human Resources and coordinating with financial experts if the contracted human resources' ID is approved
  • Obtaining the wrong employee number at retirement
  • Being responsible of the Project of Human Resources System at:  (Click view Management Dashboard)
  • Being responsible of System of Planning of Human Resources
  • Entering the names of the candidates after holding each test (contract- peymani employment) in the mentioned system in order to follow up and obtain the next licenses
  • Submitting monthly report and uploading in  3 programs (activities)
  • Being member of the Advisory Committee of the University War Veterans, according to the announcement of the esteemed Chancellor of the University
  • Head of the University Women Volleyball Sports Team
  • Collaborating on equivalence of Azarakhsh personnel program information with university engineers
  • Responding to the client in all relevant areas