Expert of Transfer


Mohammad Tebianian

MA. Business Management

Internal NO: 2019



  • Studying and analyzing letters, instructions and circulars and transferring them to other offices
  • Controlling and drafting correspondence related to physicians, paramedics and K-factor specialists
  • Coordinating with relevant deputies and managers regarding the recruitment and use of project human resources and health messengers
  • Training and how to register in the project system to issue a referral letter and also obtain a certificate of completion of the project for all those involved in the service of doctors and paramedics
  • Providing report and performance statistics to the relevant authority if necessary
  • Coordinating with all deputies and senior managers of the organization regarding transfers of employees
  • Informing and training all personnel, including formal-peymani and contractual, regarding the transfer system and how to work with this system
  • Providing monthly statistics and reports to the relevant ministry regarding the project human resources, both medical and non-medical
  • Getting quotas for the use of project human resources of physicians and paramedics from the relevant ministries
  • Obtaining academic confirmation for specialist physicians (K coefficient) from the university where the specialty is obtained
  • Following up the process of the officer to hire staff and also transfer employees from origin to destination
  • Preserving and protecting treasury property, both consumable and non-consumable.
  • Carrying out other relevant tasks according to the order of the superior authority.