Expert of Welfare Affairs


کارشناس مسئول امور بهورزی


Nafise Banaei Niasar


Telephone: 023-31052180



  • Implementing the criteria related to the establishment and development of welfare training centers
  • Implementing the relevant directives and instructions
  • Evaluating trainers and managers of welfare training centers annually
  • Selecting qualified trainers for newly established welfare training centers
  • Taking the necessary measures to meet and complement the personnel needs of welfare training centers
  • Checking out and researching on how to provide services and performance of health workers
  • Checking out and recommending health workers needed by health centers
  • Holding the annual exam of health workers in order to determine the required educational and retraining priorities
  • Holding training workshops for the trainers of the Welfare Training Center
  • Planning for training and retraining programs for health workers
  • Improving educational methods
  • Forming the University Welfare Council
  • Organizing and developing a training program for new trainers
  • Preparing the necessary reports on the status and activities of welfare training centers
  • Preparing and formulating the performance of welfare affairs in order to offer and reflect health achievements in order to attract public participation, political- financial support in the region
  • Preparing and compiling an operational plan for welfare affairs
  • Collecting the necessary statistics and information in each city to determine the need to establish welfare training centers
  • Other related matters, coordination and cooperation within the department with headquarters offices
  • Recognizing welfare problems and services of Health House, and solving problems based on problem solving management
  • Participating in training and retraining of trainers
  • Participating in equipping and setting up welfare training centers
  • Participating in holding the annual Health Worker Day ceremony
  • Supervising the activities of welfare training centers according to the relevant criteria
  • Supervising health houses with initial coordination and planning
  • Needs assessment regarding the educational needs and retraining of experienced trainers of welfare training centers in the cities of the province
  • Cooperating with heads of network and heads of health centers in cities to complete qualified trainers for active welfare training centers
  • Collaborating with Health Worker Quarterly by collecting health workers’ views
  • Cooperating in the selection of health workers
  • Cooperating in holding welfare exams
  • Carrying out other assigned tasks