Expert of Youth and Teens and Schools


کارشناس جوانان، نوجوانان و مدارس


Zahra Moataghed larijani


Telephone: 023-31052190



  • Implementing notified rules, and instructions
  • Examining how services are provided (both public and private) and providing appropriate solutions for the development and expansion of services
  • Checking out and proposing the development and expansion of services
  • Checking out and determining the priorities and training needs of the target group and related staff
  • Reviewing and recognizing the current situation in order to participate in explaining priorities, goals and strategies and presenting them
  • Assessing the current situation and estimating the financial needs, human resources, supplies, physical space equipment that are required
  • Holding and participating in seminars, workshops and training programs
  • Planning and monitoring the proper implementation of students' health care based on the instructions
  • Planning and monitoring the proper implementation of co-vaccination in 10th grade students
  • Striving to raise the level of technical and scientific knowledge of the individual
  • Striving to make dynamic system and upgrade the system
  • Preparing draft of operational plans and submitting them to the related expert
  • Preparing, arranging and presenting analytical reports and suggestions from monitoring and evaluation
  • Preparing and collecting bylaws, circulars, instructions, standards
  • Attracting public participation in health promotion programs in schools
  • Collecting data, analyzing information and providing results and indicators to the related expert
  • Participating in workshops, seminars and training courses related to health programs
  • Designing and participating in the implementation of applied research studies
  • Monitoring, and evaluating continuously how services are provided
  • Coordinating with the Environmental Health Unit in the implementation of checking out the safety and health condition of school environment
  • Cooperating and collaborating internally and externally