Experts of Postgraduate Studies


Samane Motalebi

Telephone: 023- 31052146


Roya Rahimi

Telephone: 023- 31052164


Address: Office of Postgraduate Studies, third floor of headquarter of SEMUMS, Semnan, Iran.




  • Carrying out matters related to subspecialty admission (registering, sending registration documents and candidates to the Secretariat of the Council of Medical and Specialized Education)
  • Pre-registering postgraduate students and assistants
  • Issuing student card of postgraduate students and assistants
  • Checking out the request for study leave, dropping out, and issuing relevant regulations
  • Handling the requests of guest students and sending their monthly functions to universities
  • Issuing orders of expelling and returning to education
  • Corresponding with Military Services for issuing academic exemption, expelled and dropped out students and returning to study for a master's degree
  • Announcing the educational status of students to the authorities and authorized organizations
  • Sending received educational regulations, newsletters and instructions to affiliated colleges and centers
  • Carrying out matters related to reviewing and adapting the educational status of graduates with educational approvals and commitments, completing their files, matching the educational status in terms of length of years, number of credits passed and no inconsistency between residency and master's degree
  • Carrying out matters related to the preparation, registration, and issuance of graduation certificates
  • Carrying out all matters related to the admission of specialized assistants (registration, distribution of test cards, distribution of resumes, review of registration documents, final registration of admitted ones)
  • Issuing academic certificates for graduates
  • Sending announcements and instructions for registering of graduation certificates and certificate exam, sending them to the secretariat of the specialized council
  • Supervising and implementing the rules and regulations of the residency period (transferring and guest resident, cancellation and dropout, leaves, promotion exams and specialized certification, checking out the educational files of the residents during graduation.