Experts of the Office of Alumni


Zhanet Peyvandi

Telephone: 023-33441022-1021

Internal NO: 2168


Marziye Farzane

Telephone: 023-33441022-1021

Internal NO: 2167



  • Recording and reporting students' graduation to the competent authorities
  • Determining the status of alumni, issuing educational certificate, temporary certificates and educational confirmation
  • Sending transcripts and graduation certificates to the centers which send alumni’s documents to authorized foreign institutions (transcripts, graduation certificates)
  • Control of the status of Military Services of all alumni, drop out and expelled students
  • Issuing student exemption card, notifying the status of Military Services of students who are subject to it after any change in education
  • Issuing approval of project for applicant universities
  • Issuing license to submit educational documents
  • Delivering educational certificate and transcript to beneficiary