1- What majors can I apply for?

2- In what language are the classes held?

3- What are the tuition fees for BDS and MBBS courses?

4- I have a GPA. Does the university grant me scholarships?

5- How much is my monthly allowance?

6- Is your university on the list of Pakistan approved universities?

7- How long does the visa process take?

8- What are the required documents to send?

9- What are the admission requirements at the university?

10- Do we have to provide a language certificate to the university?

11- Do I have to attend Persian classes?

12- For what semester can I apply for admission?

13- When can I submit my request?

14- What is the next step after sending the documents?

15- When and how should I pay the tuition?

16- My documents are not complete; can I send them later?

17- Do I need to submit my documents to a foreign official for approval?

18- How long does it take for my Apply application to be accepted or rejected?

19- Do I have to participate in a scientific interview?

20- What should I do after receiving the visa?



1- These universities accept international students in the fields of MBBS and MD medicine, DDS and BDS dentistry, physiotherapy and nursing.

2- The language of instruction for MBBS medicine and BDS dentistry is English. Other courses are held in Persian.

3- For the Fall semester of 2021-2022, the annual tuition is $ 3840.

4- No. The university has no plans to offer scholarships.

5- Students should pay $ 3,200 for educational tuition, and $ 790 for health insurance and dormitory. Students are exempt from paying for transportation to the university.

6- Yes, this university is on the list of approved universities in Pakistan.

7- It takes about 40 days from the submission of the documents.

8- A piece of personal photo with dimensions of v = 400 and h = 600

A scan of the first page of the identity card with dimensions of v = 800 and h = 600. The size of the photo and the scan should not be more than 100 KB

The transcripts must be approved by the Iranian Embassy in the relevant country


Admission application letter

9- The conditions of admission at this university are as follows:

The documents are evaluated according to the previous grade point average and students who have obtained 70% of the grade point average in the previous grade, after confirmation in the SAORG system and issuing a visa in the Iran, applicants must participate in the Student Screening Committee upon arrival.

10- Providing a valid language certificate or participating in a university-level exam and obtaining a passing grade

11- Basic sciences are taught in English. After the basic sciences exam, the necessary condition for participating in the physiopathology and clinical course is the presentation of a SAMFA degree or equivalent.

12- Admission takes place in the Fall semester (October) and Spring (February).

13- Visiting the university website

14- Uploading identity information in SAORG website www.saorg.ir and sending the tracking code to the faculty admission

15- Tuition fees are paid in dollars at the time of registration.

16- Documents must be uploaded in the SAORG system for verification, and without uploading the documents, it is not possible to verify their eligibility.

17- All educational documents must be approved by the Iranian Embassy in the relevant country. Documents without the seal and signature of the Iranian embassy are not valid.

18- Checking the documents and announcing the result takes maximum of two weeks.

19- All applicants must attend the interview of Screening Committee upon arrival.

20- After issuing of the visa, the student should introduce himself/ herself to the university within three months. After registration, he/she should refer to the Provincial Consular Affairs Office to receive his/her study residence within one month.