Welfare Facilities



Since a great number of SEMUMS students come from the provinces, the University undertakes the responsibility of providing them with proper accommodation through the Office of Vice- Chancellor for Culture and Student Affairs. Currently, dormitories for boys and girls, and one for married couples house all applicants coming from different fields of study and levels from different parts of Iran. There are such recreational and welfare facilities as reading chambers, book storage, a mosque, an auditorium, a gym, a movie hall, and etc.


Food Services

Meals are prepared under the supervision of the University’s health and nutrition experts. Self – Service restaurants at the faculties and dormitories supply the students with different meals at low prices. The schools’ cafeterias also serve the students during the day.



Physical Education

Among other activities, physical education is organizing employee and student’s tournaments at university and national levels.

Measures are taken by the physical Education Department of the office of Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs to improve the quality of sports for the staff, students, faculty members, and their families. Some of the University’s sports facilities are as follows:


16 Azar-Sport Complex

This complex includes a gymnasium for basketball, volleyball, futsal



Swimming Pool

Swimming pool, Jacuzzi pool, spa






Tennis courts

Fitness gym


Cultural Activities

The Directorate for Cultural and Social Affairs attempts to discover and help fostering hidden talents of the students in order to develop their culture and thoughts. These extracurricular activities aim at helping students become self-directed, efficient, and responsible citizens in the society.


Other activities of the Office:

  • Managing sight-seeing, pilgrimage, and scientific tours,
  • Conducting cultural-art competitions,
  • Supporting student associations,
  • Supporting of student journalizing activity,
  • Holding and participating at different cultural exhibitions,
  • Student cultural council office,
  • Quran activities


Physical and Mental Health

Student Health Care Center: To provide the students with a healthy environment which is quite essential for proper education, the Student Health Care Center uses services of experienced university instructors at general, specialized, dental, and vaccination clinics. In case of any need for more medical care and treatment, students will be sent to the affiliated hospitals. Upon admission to the University, a medical record file indicating health status and problems is made for every student. Using the same files and health cards, students can refer to the University’s associated Health Care Centers.

The Student Counseling Center: Licensed psychologists and social workers provide various services. Other areas of assistance include emotional attitude, behavioral problems, social skills, proper decision making, marriage counseling, family problems, financial issues, workshops and training courses on learning skills, concentration, memory, study skills, educational problems, correspondence counseling with students’ families, and giving educational and psychological speeches.