Food Science and Technology group is responsible for holding educational and research programs in the field of food science and industry (food quality control) in the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Industry of Semnan University of Medical Sciences, in order to train managers, researchers and technical officials in food industry factories, as well as relevant governmental agencies. The license for this field was obtained in 2014 from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and two years later, in October 1995, the first course of undergraduate students of Food Science and Technology - Quality and Health Control Tendency in the Department of Food Science and Technology was accepted.



From the perspectives of the Food Science and Technology Group, we can point to planning for obtaining a master's degree in food industry, attracting talented and capable faculty members, equipping educational and research laboratories, increasing cooperation with reputable domestic and foreign universities and improving people's nutrition.


Research priorities

Production of non-perishable food, development of food analysis and quality control methods, risk assessment of toxic compounds in food, application of new technologies in food production, processing and storage of food materials, health promotion and food hygiene



Printing more than 30 valid foreign and domestic articles within 3 years of the formation of this group, carrying out various projects in various fields of food science and industry, communication and cooperation with food and medicine of the university as well as the Institute of Nutritional Research and Food Industry of the country

Academic staff




Anna Abdolshahi

Ph.D. Assistant Prof, Food sciences


Mojtaba Yousefi Asli

Ph.D. Assistant Prof, Food sciences


Nasim Khorshidian

Ph.D. Assistant Prof, Food Sciences


Farid Gharibi

Ph.D. Assistant Prof, Health Services Management


Atefeh Ashabi

Ph.D. Assistant Prof. Nutritional Sciences





Head of Department

Dr Mojtaba Yousefi Asli
Ph.D Food Sciences