Mission of Education

All around the world issues related to higher education are significant in order to produce efficient human resources to manage the affairs of the country. Since the educated young people can be the best centers of prosperity, the role of medical education in promoting the process of health - preventive medicine, community medicine ... has doubled the mission and responsibility of medical universities.


Educational management is implemented in educational centers. Management generally is defined from different perspectives. In other words, the manager coordinates and controls the group activities to achieve the desired goal of the organization with maximum efficiency. Educational management generally is defined as planning, organizing, guiding, coordinating, monitoring, and evaluating the educational process. But management specifically is defined as follows:


  • Educational management is guiding, assisting and creating a suitable environment for educational activities.
  • Educational management is a social process that requires the creation, maintenance, motivation, control and unification of human resources and material resources that are formally and informally formed and organized within a single system, in order to achieve educational goals and objectives.
  • Educational management is the process of coordinating people's talents and taking advantage of environmental conditions for educational purposes.


The educational management and postgraduate education are significant for training medical graduates. Therefore, to accomplish this mission, they provide the necessary facilities and equipment to train graduates with creativity and innovation, use new technologies, preserve humanity and social justice. Finally, they can provide students' satisfaction in the fields of student and educational activities.



  • Developing new majors
  • Supervising the implementation of educational regulations and the educational status of students
  • Supervising the condition of educational groups
  • Supervising the processes of admission, education, graduation of students
  • Checking out appropriate solutions to solve students' educational problems
  • Carrying out participatory and educational affairs to improve the quality of education and increase motivation
  • Collaborating to attract faculty members
  • Supervising the process of informing about educational items and various statistics
  • Supervising the performance of subordinate employees and its promotion
  • Coordinating the educational and clinical departments at different levels of education
  • Upgrading laboratory and clinical equipment.



  • Developing new majors in medicine, paramedical, rehabilitation and health, especially in postgraduate and interdisciplinary majors according to the needs of society
  • Developing and strengthening educational spaces according to the number of majors
  • Improving the educational situation and strengthening the existing majors
  • Increasing the level of science, education and attracting efficient human resources to increase the level of community health
  • Improving the process of educational management
  • Increasing students' knowledge and skills by raising the academic level of the university by attracting specialized faculty members
  • Upgrading existing majors and establishing new majors according to the needs of society
  • Applying and updating new technologies in education
  • Upgrading laboratory and clinical equipment