Goals and Views

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding Research Center obtained the principled agreement from the Development Council of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education on May 13th, 2013.



Abnormal Uterine Bleeding Research Center of Semnan University of Medical Sciences wants to create the environment where women with abnormal uterine bleeding from any social class enjoy fair opportunities for AUB treatment, through its influence on policy-making, decision-making and evaluation of diagnostic methods and treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding. The problem of AUB must be considered as an important problem by the relevant authorities in the region and all governmental and non-governmental organizations must provide the necessary conditions for research, diagnosis and treatment of AUB consciously.



AUB Research Center of Semnan University of Medical Sciences tries to provide accurate scientific evidence in the micro and macro planning of the province by accurately recognizing the causes and factors of AUB in Semnan, so that optimal treatment of AUB can be provided in this province.



  • Maximum effort to promote AUB Research Center in order to provide optimal treatment of AUB in the province
  • Following Islamic, national and regional values
  • Attracting active participation of women and experts of organizations
  • Attracting maximum participation of policymakers and decision makers in the province
  • Valuing inter-sectoral and extra-sectoral activities and collaborations
  • Observing the ethics principles in research and preserving the human dignity
  • Privacy of AUB patients