Goals of Training and Development of Human Resources


Programs of training and human resource development at the university can meet the need for efficient human resources and ensure the solution of staff performance problems to a large extent. Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, believing in the need for training and strengthening human resources and in line with the overall goals and existing perspectives, has redesigned the system of education and development of human resources. Comprehensive system of training and development of human resources of Semnan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services to carry out the mission, realize the values and implement the principles in practice; In line with the goal of improving human resources, it follows the following goals to create coordination and balance in planning, implementation and evaluation.

  • Excellent goals (Adaptation to the vision)
  • Overall goals (Adaptation to the strategy)
  • Operational Goals (Adaptation to the programs of human resources development)


Goals of Training and Strengthening Human Resources

  • Strengthening Human Resources of university
  • Increasing the level of knowledge, skills and ability of human resources of the university and directing it towards the development and facilitation of strategy implementation
  • Strengthening knowledge, skills and ability of human resources of the university continuously in order to adapt to environmental changes and developments
  • Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of offices
  • Increasing the level of innovation, presenting creative projects and suggestions through holding workshops to strengthen the thinking force and creativity of human resources
  • Reducing waste in the service delivery process


Scope of Application:

The training and strengthening system of human resources includes all contract employees (both managers and employees) of the institute.