This center intends to provide quantitative and qualitative development in research in the field of clinical research by empowering the respected clinical faculty members in all fields by providing consulting services in various stages of research, holding training workshops according to the needs of faculty members, researchers and learners, and holding a regular research council monthly to review and approve research projects.

Research Empowerment Program

The main mission of clinical research development centers is to facilitate the research process in educational and medical centers of university. Therefore, it equips researchers with the necessary tools to conduct research. Due to its mission and long-term perspective, the Clinical Research Development Center of Velayat Hospital has determined the research empowerment program of the hospital staff as its aim.

 Based on the needs assessments and the current situation, the human resources was classified into 4 target groups with common needs: nurses, faculty members and students.

The detailed program of each target group will be updated according to the periodic evaluations and the needs of the learners.