Head of Affairs of Faculty Members











Dr. Aliasghar Ghods


Since, committed and capable human resources are essential for the development of the university, the Deputy of Educational Affairs established the Department of Affairs of Faculty Members in 2007. This department strives to organize all the needs and affairs of faculty members and improve the quality of educational programs leading to degree by using specialized human resource.



  • Organizing and focusing on matters related to faculty members
  • Modifying and improving the processes of evaluating the activities of faculty members at the university level
  • Honoring faculty members, responding to relevant matters in the shortest possible time in order to provide a suitable platform for maximum use of their scientific potential.
  • Reviewing continuously of educational programs leading to degrees at the level of departments of clinical science and all faculties based on domestic and foreign standards for improving the quality of education at the university level and also increasing the quality of health services in the community.